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White Winter Black Mead Review

Up until now, I haven’t reviewed anything besides beer on this site, but lately I have been interested in brewing Ciders, Meads, and other Fruit Wines, so I have been picking up commercial examples of those beverages to become more acquainted. I might do some write ups here and there on other beverages mainly for being able to remember them in the future.

Tonight I will check out a Melomel from White Winter Winery, located in Iron River, Wisconsin, called White Winter Black Mead. Melomel is a style of mead which incorporates fruit, and is a popular style of mead. Black Mead incorporates currants, and has 11.5% Alcohol By Volume.

White Winter Black Mead is a crystal clear beverage, a beautiful rose color, with a few bubbles escaping from the pour, but otherwise still.

The nose initially has quite a bit of currant, but a couple of whiffs later the honey and fruit are nicely balanced. A bit of spicy alcohol is in the background.

The honey is fairly dry in the taste, a touch of acidity in the start, with the currants providing a bit of tartness and fruitiness and tannin in the finish. Alcohol spice in barely noticeable if you look for it, but overall is well integrated. Mouth is medium bodied and wine-like.

I just started fermenting a black currant mead yesterday, and I would be proud if it turned out this good. The honey character will likely be more muted than someone new to mead might expect, but is isn’t uncommon for the fruit notes in Melomels to take center stage. Overall Black Mead is nicely blended, tasty, and cleanly fermented, and worth checking out if you come across it.

White Winter Black Mead : B+
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